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Conveyor System

Conveyor System consists of two main parts :
  Conveyor Rollers
  Conveyor Pulley

Troughing idlers, generally used for conveying bulk materials, are available with side rollers inclined at 20 deg. and 30 deg. Idlers with 45 deg. or other troughing angles can also be supplied special cases.


Flat Belt impact protect the belt by absorbing impacts transfet points. Flat Belt training idlers automatically train the belt and protect the belt edges from damage caused by misalignment.


Trough belt rubber cushion idlers which are also known as impact at loading point. They include 200 and 300 trough. However, idlers with 450 or other troughing angles can also be supplied


Return Belt Idlers are used for supporting the return of the belt. The standard type includes single roller with endbrackets.


Return Belt Rubber Idlers are used when wet or sticky materials tend to cling to the belt where corrosion resistance is required or where chemical action to iron or steel is involved


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