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Drum Mix Plant (DM 35 / 45 /50 / 60 / 65)

 Drum Mix Plant DM 45  Drum Mix Plant DM 50  Drum Mix Plant DM 60
 Drum Mix Plant DM 65 Four Bin Feeder Mobile Mini Drum Mix Plant
List of spare parts used in Drum Mix Plant
Drayer Chain Sprockets
Shafts Bearing and Filter
Clamp Gears
Load Cell Drum Flights
Load Cell Amplifer Card Trunion Tyres
Trunion Roller Exhauster Impeller
Thrust Roller Vibrating Screen
Conveyor Belts Bin Vibrating
Roller Chain Asphalt Pump
Power Pack Hot Oil Pump
Fuel Oil Pump Pulley and Vbelts
Rotary Valve Electric Motors
Twin Lobe Compressor Straight Roller
Bearing and Padestals Hydraulic Couple
Idler Rollers Limit Switch
Vertical Rollers C. I. Cocks
Hydraulic Cylinder and Kit Hose Pipes
SMSR Reduction Gear Unit Reduction Gear Box NU Series Etc.
Micro - Type AC Motor Drives Dryer Burner and Spares

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